We are a family owned and operated company, Fernan Salazar Sr. & Fernan Salazar Jr. started this small business in hopes to make a statement in the industry. Our company is as transparent as it gets, we want to break the idea that all service companies are out to take your money and run, anything that happens affects our family directly which is a huge difference compared to many of Tucson’s Air Conditioning & Heating companies.

Things you should know about our company;

-We are prefectionist , just like if you have a luxury car and want to make sure it sparkles because you are proud to own it, whenever  we install a brand new Air Conditioning & Heating system we make sure its ready to be showcased because this is our pride and joy. A Statement of superior workmanship and quality to be displayed in your home.

-All of our Estimates are done by a family member, this relieves the stress of having “Sales Men” caring about the commission and putting a dog and pony show to take your business, We earn it with our actions and by doing the right thing.

-Our Technicians and Installers are related to each other or us in some kind of way most of the time, this creates a moral responsibility to our company, each other and our customers to do the best job we can.


“Big Enough to Work, Small Enough to Care!”

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